Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fellow Travellers

  Ivan runs the Jack's Jungle resort on Koh Lipe. He's from Belgium, a computer programmer and marketing expert by trade. He gave it all up (but used his skills to succeed here) to live on Koh Lipe running this place.
  Neil was a practicing psychologist in South Africa. He runs a dive shop.
  Phil lost his job in Calgary so he moved to Bangkok to produce a Youtube station about Thai food.
  Another travelling couple, a dentist and his wife from Washington State are like us- successful in life, cashed in early and are seeing the world- before stiff joints or worse tie them down.
  Travelling certainly opens new worlds. But it also reflects your world back on you. Among the honeymooners, and gap-year students, and retirees, you meet people who've made the same choices as you, turned their back on convention and standards to live life to the fullest. They are no poorer, and in some cases, much richer for their decisions.
  We're still in the process of getting our heads wrapped around our new circumstances. But we see examples before us that it can be done. And that gives us strength to stay the course.

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