Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Big Wave

  We've been invited to tag along with some new friends to a costume party at a local pub for Christmas. I hate dressing up, but decide to make a prop to use at the party.
  A famous Thai astrologer has predicted a tsunami will hit the islands either Christmas Day or Boxing Day. So I cut out a big hand-shape from a piece of cardboard I found. Moving the hand back and forth, I make a 'Big Wave'.
  Get it?
  We are dropping off the kids at the Internet cafe while we go to the party. We go in and start chatting with the young man tending the shop. We mention the tsunami and I'm just about to explain the joke when he cuts me off.
  "He should not have said that, very bad,” he says of the astrologer. He lifts up his shorts and reveals an ugly, eight-inch scar on his thigh. “I was in Phuket that day.” he explains. He almost died when the ocean ripped through the resort.
  “I lost two friends, and six clients in that tsunami.”
  We fall silent. We head over to the party, but I quietly dump the Big Wave outside the bar door, and leave it there the night.

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